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Pouya Pourjalil was born on January 5th 1976 in a city in North Iran, Bandar Anzali. Pouya grew up in a family of 4. When Pouya was only 10 years old, his parents and younger sister moved to Norway and lived there for 7 years before he moved to London to pursue his love and passion for music. 

Pouya lived in London for 5 years where he started his professional career as a Persian singer. While living in London, Pouya attended several classes to enhance his music skills and knowledge. He also performed at a various Persian night clubs and concert halls. 

At an early age, he realized that in order to achieve his goals and dreams as a professional singer he had to be at a place where the Persian music industry was growing more, with better opportunities, which then later brought him to Los Angeles. 

After his arrival in LA, he started working with the famous entertainment company, Taraneh Enterprises, who were in charge of his album releases, as well as his marketing and advertisement. 

His first album was released in 2000, released by Taraneh Enterprises. So far, Pouya has 7 CD’s, working with the most talented Persian song writers, producers, composers…etc. 
He has over 30 music videos, all available on to be viewed by his fans all over the world. 

Pouya’s hobbies are shooting, movies, camping, swimming, boxing and cooking. 

Ater touring all around the world for several years, making new music and recording has been his priority for the past 2 years. He states that his albums is a culmination of many years of experience and offers a new experience for his fans while retaining all the well-loved elements of his past albums.

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